Health Workforce Information Repository

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Health Workforce Information Repository
This repository provides a central location for health care related workforce reports, white papers and other public domain documents produced by health professions associations, accrediting agencies, educational institutions, federal and state workforce analysts, and licensing and certification bodies. <em><strong>Logged-in members can add documents to the repository by simply editing this page!</strong></em> <hr /> <h3>National Center for Health Workforce Analysis (<a href="">NCHWA</a>)</h3> <strong>Latest workforce projections: </strong>NCHWA used <a href="">this Health Workforce Simulation Model</a> to project workforce supply &amp; demand through 2025 for a number of health professions, broadly - i.e. <a href="">Health Technologist and Technician Occupations</a> - and released reports in December 2014 and April 2015. <a href="">Access the reports</a>. <strong>HPN  members' only resource:</strong> NCHWA Deputy Director Michelle Washko's presentation from HPN Spring 2016 in Atlantic City, NJ: "<a href="">Trends Impacting the Health Care Workforce</a>." &nbsp;

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